Introduction to this document

Letter to court enclosing
Form N1

You’re all set to issue your claim. Use our letter to the court - it will also act as a prompt to remind you what else you need to enclose to get your claim underway.


All claims have to be sent to the County Court Money Claims Centre either online at or by writing to: Money Claims Centre; PO Box 527; Salford; M5 0BY.

They’re then allocated a number (issued) and subsequently sent out by first class post to the defendant(s).


Don’t forget to keep a copy of the N1 for yourself as well as providing additional copies for both the court and the defendant(s). There’s also a fee to pay to have your claim issued. How much it will cost depends on the amount you’re claiming.

Watch out

If the defendant’s an individual who’s being sued for a fixed sum of money, i.e. not a limited company, and they file a defence, the case will automatically be transferred to their nearest county court. This may be a long way away so you should bear this in mind before you start your claim.