Introduction to this document

Premises move budgeting tool

If you’ve been asked to come up with a budget for the cost of physically moving the company, what should you include in it?

Associated costs

The key to a successful move is meticulous planning and good communication with everyone involved. This includes: (1) drawing up a move plan; (2) maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers; (3) transferring services and moving equipment; (4) hiring removal contractors; and (5) managing the move itself.

After brainstorming your ideas for likely considerations for a move and picking out those with associated costs, group your costs together using our Premises Move Budgeting Tool (which you can adapt to your specific needs).

People costs

There probably won’t be any relocation, redundancy or recruitment costs associated with your move. However, we’ve included these at the beginning of our premises move budgeting tool to show that you have considered them. Just annotate them as not applicable. If these costs are relevant then the implied question is there for others to answer.