Introduction to this document

Environment - continuous improvement plan

If you’re looking to implement a formal environmental management system, or simply want to make changes which reduce the impact of your business on the environment, set out your plans in our document.

Way forward

Our Environment - Continuous Improvement Plan. It can be used to identify your objectives, when you plan to tackle them and more. Plus, when it’s completed, it will provide all the evidence you need to show your clients that you’re taking positive steps to green up your business.

Formal approach

If you’re considering implementing an environmental management system, such as one that meets ISO 14001, having a continuous improvement plan and working to it is a core requirement.

Don’t be too ambitious when you’re setting objectives - you want ones that can be met relatively easily and then built on in the future; this isn’t a quick-fix. Also, don’t forget that this document should make you look good, i.e. a list of your many green achievements.