Introduction to this document

Fire extinguisher quiz

When formal training sessions are infrequent it can be helpful to refresh safety-critical information. Use our quiz to remind staff of key points when using fire extinguishers.

In trained hands

Fire extinguishers help to stop small fires before they develop into a life-threatening blaze. The training received beforehand ensures staff are aware of the risks associated with fire and make a judgement as to when to step in and when to shut the door and walk away. We’ve designed our Fire Extinguisher Quiz to be used as a tool when conducting fire safety refresher training.

We recommend that you combine the quiz with a practical session examining real extinguishers to refamiliarise staff with the equipment. If possible, provide the opportunity to practice with extinguishers. Sometimes this can be carried out at the annual service visit when some extinguishers may require a discharge and refill, thus making good use of resources.