Introduction to this document

Permit to work - CDM

If you’re having construction works completed on your premises, make it clear who is in control of the site with our document.

Over to you

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 state that those managing construction projects must take charge of health and safety on site. This means that the client should avoid trying to directly manage the project but support the contractor by providing appropriate information about the premises and controlling the interface between the construction works and normal operations.

Clear lines

Our Permit to Work - CDM document follows our standard format. It must be given a unique number and identify the time and date when the works are starting, and show which area of your premises you’ve designated as a construction site.

Note. The form asks whether a construction phase plan (CPP) has been completed to cover the work. This is a mandatory requirement.

A copy of the completed permit should be available to those working on site for the duration of the job.