Introduction to this document

Individual training record

If staff training involves a number of procedures and processes, you need to record what’s been covered. Use this form to maintain your paper trail.

Multiple aspects

Ensuring that all aspects of a job are covered in staff training can be tricky, especially if you don’t have detailed training records in place. For example, there may be a defined safe system of work required for one part of the role and a specified procedure for another.

The statement before the table makes it clear to those signing the form that they are doing so to confirm that they have been trained and understand the importance of the training.

Two purposes

The record has two uses. It can be used to identify the training requirements for a particular role. Here we suggest that you list the courses that staff must attend in the “Training completed on:” column. You can then work through the list with staff signing the document when they have finished each one.

The second is to use the form simply as a record of training. Here you can add details of which courses have been completed and when. Each entry should be signed and dated accordingly. You should also identify who carried out the training.



Individual training record

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