Introduction to this document

Machinery safety policy

If your staff use potentially dangerous machinery, you need to have clear arrangements for controlling the risks. Our Machinery Safety Policy will help you to achieve this.

Our template

Implementing a policy based on our Machinery Safety Policy will help you to comply with the legal requirements which apply to the use of machinery at work and reduce the risk of accidents.

Our document is written so as to be applicable to a wide range of situations. You should therefore tailor it to your needs, simplifying it where necessary. Use the italic instructions to tailor particular sections, e.g. by inserting a job title or details of particular machines. Doing this will demonstrate that the policy is directly relevant to your organisation.

What’s covered?

The policy begins with a general statement of commitment, followed by a description of the key legislation on the topic. Section 3 covers management responsibilities and is aimed at those in an operational role. Section 4 details the responsibilities of managers with purchasing authority. It also covers individual topic areas which are the cornerstones of machinery safety; these set out your organisation’s policy on the setting up of fixed machinery, risk assessment, employee training and, finally, maintenance and inspection.