Introduction to this document

Night workers health assessment

Use our questionnaire to meet your statutory health assessment duty for night workers.


The Working Time Regulations 1998 require that night workers are offered a free health assessment.

Though there can be changes to the definitions if agreed collectively with workers, the standard interpretation of the term “night work is any between 11pm and 6am. A “night worker” is someone who regularly works for three hours during this period, e.g. a shift worker finishing at 2am.

When you send out the form to employees, make it clear that it’s not mandatory but that you are required to offer the assessment. Arrange for the forms to come back in to a manager who can be trusted to treat the information confidentially.

If the answers to the questionnaire include a “Yes”, the manager receiving it should pass it to an occupational health nurse or doctor and arrange a one-to-one assessment.

Reissue the questionnaire periodically, e.g. every two years, but do it more frequently if the job changes or the worker complains of ill health.