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Staff discounts record

Where your business is retail sales and you offer staff a discount if they want to buy the goods you sell, our staff discounts record enables you to keep a proper log of the discounts you have awarded them. It also helps to ensure compliance with our staff discounts policy. 

Two choices

You don’t have to give your employees a discount but many retailers do as a perk of the job - with discounts commonly ranging from 5% to 15%. Our Staff Discounts Policy sets out eligibility, where to access the current discount rates, how qualifying employees go about receiving their discount and who they can obtain the discount for. It is this latter issue that is often a key consideration for employers. Our policy enables employees to use the discount for themselves and for immediate family and also to buy gifts, but it prohibits them from using the staff discount scheme to purchase goods on behalf of wider family members and friends or to sell on to third parties - and it makes breach a disciplinary offence. It’s up to you really how wide you want the ambit to be here, but what you absolutely don’t want is staff purchasing your goods at a reduced price for resale.

keeping a log

Our Staff Discounts Record enables you to log the employee’s name, the product code(s) of the goods purchased, the date of the discount, the discount received, the reason for purchase and the authorising manager’s signature. We have defined reason as meaning either personal use, for immediate family or a gift, as these are the three permitted categories of purchase under our policy. So if the employee states that a particular purchase is for a gift, you would record it as such. If it later transpires they bought it to resell (whether or not at a profit), you can then use the record as part of your evidence in any subsequent disciplinary investigation relating to abuse of your staff discount scheme.



staff discounts record

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