Introduction to this document

Letter reviewing temporary work alterations

If you agree to implement temporary workplace adjustments, they will need to be periodically reviewed and amended if necessary. You can set the timescales here, but once a month should be the absolute minimum.

Up for review

If you implement the advice in a GP’s fit note or, between you and the employee, come up with your own alternatives, the agreed work alterations should only be temporary. They must also be regularly reviewed. It's up to you how often you do this; much will depend on how long the GP's advice lasts for and the employee's state of health.

As a rule of thumb, we would suggest that you review any temporary work alterations at least monthly. This meeting does not have to take long, but you should allow sufficient time to consider:

  • the employee's current state of health
  • whether the temporary work alterations are still needed; or
  • whether the temporary work alterations need to be changed.

Each situation needs to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so there’s no "one size fits all" approach that you can use here. 

Arranging a meeting 

Once this review meeting has been held, you must again confirm in writing what will happen going forward, i.e. whether the temporary arrangements will:

  • end
  • continue for a further specified period; or
  • be amended.

Again, you should state that any continuation of, or amendments to, the work alterations are only temporary and set a further review date.  Our Letter Reviewing Temporary Work Alterations can be adapted to suit your needs - simply delete the parts that you don't require.