Introduction to this document

Method statement - fencing

Whether you’re beefing up your security, or simply making improvements to your premises, use our method statement to identify the safe systems of work to be followed.

How to do the job

As fencing is often completed by in-house staff, we have added more detail in the processes to follow. This method statement covers standard fencing that’s based on post and rail, or post and wire. If you’re installing more complex or a different type of fence, you should amend the document accordingly. However, most of the content is applicable to all fencing jobs.

You must identify whether there are any underground services in the vicinity of your fence line. In the key instructions, we suggest that you should check utility drawings and use a CAT scanner to check what’s lurking underground.

The document identifies the control measures that should be followed to manage the associated risks effectively.

The training record on the last page of the document should be completed by those involved in the work.

Note. You may want to add additional information/boxes to your form. However, we suggest that you don’t remove any of those that we’ve included. This is because our document follows industry standards and covers all the necessary information.