Introduction to this document

Work equipment - safe system of work - TIG welding

There are a number of safety considerations associated with completing welding operations. Our document details the risks and how to complete the job safely.


Our Work Equipment - Safe System of Work - TIG Welding covers tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. This method joins metals by heating them with an arc between a tungsten electrode and the work piece.

How to do the job safely

Our document breaks the task down into its component parts and identifies the safe way of completing the job.

Note. You may wish to add additional information/boxes to your form. However, we suggest that you don’t remove any of those that we’ve included as our document follows industry standards and covers all the information that should be included.

Who is it for?

Work of this type is only to be completed by trained and competent staff. Our document is not a guide to training someone from scratch. Rather, it is to remind those who are familiar with the job on the safe steps that must be taken for the task to be completed in a safe manner.