Introduction to this document

Unsolicited goods

It’s not uncommon to be sent goods that you haven’t actually ordered. These are known as “unsolicited goods”. If this happens to you, send our letter in response to ensure you’re not lumbered with something you end up paying for.


If you receive something out of the blue that you’re sure that you haven’t ordered and don’t want, then inform the sender straightaway of your position, i.e. that you haven’t requested them to be sent and don’t therefore intend to pay for them. Always ensure too that you keep a copy of your letter. You’re required to keep the goods safe for six months. If they’re not collected within this time, you can then do what you like with them.


Don’t get bullied into paying for goods that you haven’t ordered. If the sender is adamant that you placed an order, demand proof. Another trick is where goods are sent unsolicited with a covering letter saying that if they’re not returned within a period of time, you agree to accept them and must pay up. If this happens to you, point out that you didn’t accept their terms and conditions because in law, silence doesn’t constitute a valid means of accepting an offer.