Introduction to this document

Food wastage record

If you run a kitchen or sell food in a retail setting, you’ll want to keep waste to a minimum. Doing so is good for the environment as well as for business. Use our form to monitor and reduce your food wastage.

Green targets

Our Food Wastage Record, is designed as the first step in your strategy to reduce losses from unwanted food. By using it you’ll see which products are being disposed of and why, enabling you to find ways of reducing waste over time.

How to use it

For each item disposed of, a reason should be entered along with details including the nature of the item and the date.

There is a text box for recording any further comments, for example, product quality concerns, details of action already taken to address the cause of a problem, or special circumstance which caused an increase in wastage.

At the end of each week a member of the management team should check and sign off the form. The data can then be collated with the information gathered in previous weeks to see if there is a pattern, e.g. the same food, more wastage on particular days, weather-related demand changes, etc.

Sales data should also be used to see how many of each food item or dish are actually being sold. By comparing the wastage form and your sales figures you should be able to determine if you are over-ordering, defrosting too much or over-prepping.