Introduction to this document

Emergency grab pack contents

An emergency grab pack is something which you might consider pulling together for your premises as part of your emergency response procedures. Our checklist will help you decide what to include.

What’s covered?

An emergency grab pack is an information folder kept readily available for the fire and rescue service (FRS). It’s used at premises where: no or few staff are on site for periods of time, but foreseeable emergencies would require rapid intervention; there are significant fire hazards on site which could cause a major accident or pollution event; there are significant hazards to fire fighters on the site; or the site is complex and a pack of information will make the FRS’s work more efficient.

Often the grab pack is kept in a designated metal box labelled for use by the FRS and secured with a key. Alternatively it could be a clearly marked folder kept at a security station or some other place where it can be grabbed by staff and handed over to the fire crew on arrival.

Our Emergency Grab Pack Contents document summarises the typical items which might be found in such a pack.

The contents are non-prescriptive and you should use our list to inspire your own, creating one which is both of value and easily kept up to date. Identify those features which are applicable by marking with a tick in the “Yes” column, and then work out how best to present the information so that it’s clear for fire officers.