Introduction to this document

Fire safety compliance audit

Whether you’re responsible for fire safety at a premises or carrying out a review on someone else’s behalf, it’s a good idea to use a formal checklist. Our audit document fits the bill.

When and how to use it

Fire safety is obviously very important, but it’s an area of health and safety which can fall by the wayside. A premises might have been set up properly with the correct placement of fire exits, signage, extinguishers, etc., but over time equipment is lost and drills lapse. Before you know it you’re well below the legally required standard.

To avoid this it’s necessary to carry out periodic checks and our Fire Safety Compliance Audit document is designed for this purpose.

It’s advisable to use it once every two years, and more often if necessary.

The document includes four tables with these headings:

  • Section 1 - Prevention
  • Section 2 - Control and containment
  • Section 3 - Means of escape
  • Section 4 - Procedures, information and training.

Within each table there’s a list of questions and a further three columns to mark “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A” (not applicable). In addition there’s a further information column. As described in the form’s notes, if further information or action is required, enter a number into the F/I box and record the information on page four using the same number as a reference.

Once you have completed the audit add details to the action plan, including the name of the staff member responsible for undertaking the improvements identified.