Introduction to this document

Fire safety management - routine tasks

When putting together a planned preventive maintenance schedule for a property you must include essential fire safety tasks. Our summary document will help with this. What’s covered?

Duty of care

Whatever your premises, you’ll have fire safety responsibilities to fulfil. Our Fire Safety Management – Routine Tasks is a summary guide to the various routine tasks which a premises manager must implement.

We’ve created this document to ensure that all your responsibilities are clearly laid out. It can be used for the management of blocks of flats, houses in multiple occupation and commercial and industrial properties.

How to use it?

The document is written as a table with five columns, headed:

  • “Topic
  • Standards which apply
  • Summary of requirements
  • Frequency
  • Competency required”.

Look at each row in the table to understand, for any given topic, what is required, how often, by whom and why.

The information can be used to populate your database, spreadsheet or whatever system you use to ensure that routine tasks are undertaken on time.

Warning. This is a generic list covering commonly occurring equipment and relating to issues which regularly arise in premises. You should refer to your own competent fire risk assessment to identify any additional tasks required.