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Fire service strike checklist

We probably take it for granted that if all else fails, the Fire & Rescue Service will be there, whether it’s responding to a fire or some other emergency. So if there’s a fire service strike, you’ll need to be prepared. That’s where our checklist will help.

All in order

There are three aspects to the arrangements you need to make. Firstly, it’s essential to ensure that your fire prevention and protection arrangements work like clockwork. So our Fire Service Strike Checklist runs through a number of questions asking about fire drills, the servicing and testing of fire equipment, arrangements for lift rescue, keeping fire doors closed etc.

The second area to consider is whether staff are briefed to be extra vigilant in the prevention of fires and false alarms. Our checklist includes eight areas you should cover in your briefing, including care in the kitchen, sticking to smoking rules, switching off electrical equipment when not in use etc.

Finally, the checklist considers some additional arrangements you’ll need during the strike, i.e. providing clear information for fire fighters who are likely to be less familiar with the building or area and nominating someone to carry out a quick, safe search of the building to find the source of an alarm, and to confirm whether there’s a fire before dialling 999.

Any further action identified should be documented at the end of the checklist and completed before the fire strike takes place.



fire service strike checklist

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