Introduction to this document

Fire marshal role and acceptance

A fire marshal is someone who takes responsibility for fire issues in the area in which they work, and ensures that staff are evacuated in a safe and timely manner. Our fire marshal role and acceptance document makes clear what’s involved.

How to use the form

We’ve structured the form so that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your premises. Ask your fire marshals to sign their acceptance of the role.

What it covers

The form is divided into two parts. The first section covers the general role of the fire marshal including their role in monitoring fire safety standards, attending training, maintaining their knowledge of the premises, helping with fire safety inductions, and so on. The second section covers their role during a fire alarm, i.e. interpreting the fire panel, calling the fire brigade, checking areas are clear of personnel, roll call etc. Clearly this will vary according to each premises, as you may ask reception and maintenance staff to carry out some of these tasks. Make sure that the form is adapted to match your requirements before it’s issued.

How many fire marshals do you need?

The number of fire marshals you need is entirely down to you, as there are no specific requirements stated in law. The number should be dependant on the risks, i.e. if you have many people on your premises who are unlikely to know how to evacuate quickly, e.g. a concert venue, theatre etc., then you’ll need enough to ensure everyone can be marshalled from the building safely. But if your building is small and you only have a few members of staff, then you might only need to appoint one and possibly a deputy to cover periods of absence.