Introduction to this document

Fire marshal checklist

Taking charge of an area in the event of a fire is something that should only be carried out by someone with the appropriate knowledge. Our fire marshal checklist shows you what level of instruction is required.

How to use it

Fire marshals play a crucial role in managing fire evacuations. In addition, they may have other responsibilities such as fire alarm testing, helping with fire drills, assisting in the training for new recruits, etc. Our Fire Marshal Checklist lists all the areas of knowledge and skill which a fire marshal may have to acquire. You’ll need to tailor the document by deleting those parts which don’t apply in your workplace, e.g. if the fire marshals don’t test the fire alarm or aren’t involved in interpreting the alarm panel.

What’s covered?

The information is displayed within three columns headed “Subject”, “Points to consider”, and “Reference document”. The subjects covered are: (1) “Planning and preparation”; (2) “Training and drills”; (3) “Fire procedure”; (4) Fire alarm system”; and (5) “Incidents.