Introduction to this document

Fire awareness training checksheet

Staff need to be trained in basic fire safety awareness including any particular information and procedures relating to your premises. To be sure that you’ve covered everything, use our fire awareness training checksheet.

Using our checksheet

Unless your business involves more complex fire risks or unusual fire procedures, managers should be quite capable of delivering the necessary training themselves. So by using our Fire Awareness Training Checksheet you can avoid the expense of bringing in a specialist trainer.

You should give staff fire awareness training at induction and then repeat it periodically; how frequently depends on your own risk assessment. The standard period for re-training used to be regarded as yearly, but you may decide that it needs to be carried out more, or less, frequently than that.

What’s covered?

The information is set out in three columns headed: “Subject”, “Points to consider” and “Reference document”. The “Points to consider” column describes the information which you should cover. The “Reference document” column signposts the documents which you might find useful when researching the information you need. The subjects covered are:

  • the principles of fire
  • company policy
  • fire hazards
  • fire prevention
  • basic evacuation procedure
  • emergency procedures (detailed)
  • fire detection
  • extinguishing a fire, and
  • staff roles and responsibilities.