Introduction to this document

Fire risk assessment conclusion

When you undertake a fire risk assessment, part of the process involves risk rating. Why should you do this and how can you go about it? Our document will help.

When to use this document

The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to systematically review fire safety in a premises and determine the improvements which need to be taken. The risk assessment process identifies:

- the hazards

- staff and others who are at risk

- existing risk control measures; and

- additional risk control measures which need to be taken.

At the end of the process the building should be a safe place for those who use it. This is achieved through a combination of (1) fire prevention; (2) physical fire precautions; and (3) procedures.

Having been through all the steps described above, check whether you’ve achieved your objective with our Fire Risk Assessment Conclusion. It’s designed as the finale to your risk assessment, so you should add after all the sheets outlining the detailed findings and your corrective action report.

What’s covered?

There are two pages, the second of which explains the risk rating process. Refer to the table on page two in order to complete the boxes on the first page. There are notes to guide you on how to use the risk rating matrix.

The document enables you to evaluate your success in reducing the risk from fire and understand the priority which needs to be given to the improvements.