Introduction to this document

Sprinkler checklist

Sprinklers can be a very effective means of reducing the damage caused by fire but keeping them maintained is essential and often a condition of your insurance policy.

Why you need the checklist

The questions on our Sprinkler Checklist are based on established methods for managing sprinkler systems as set out in British Standards and the Loss Prevention Council’s guidance. So if you’re asked questions by a building inspector, fire officer or your insurer, you should have all the right answers.

What’s covered?

The checklist covers day-to-day checks and tests which can often be carried out by trained in-house staff, as well as the more specialist maintenance activities. For example, it covers all the essential elements of a sprinkler management programme such as the weekly bell test and the planned preventative maintenance programme. It also includes record keeping, drawings, signage, damage prevention, spare parts, working practices, training and the restriction of certain activities to authorised persons.

After completing the 19 questions, detail any problems that you find in the final section, then sign and date to show when the improvements have been made.