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Guide to selecting a fire risk assessor

Selecting the right fire risk assessor will ensure that you meet your legal duties and keep occupants safe. Use our guide to help in the selection process.

Choose wisely

Employers and other responsible persons must ensure that there is a fire risk assessment undertaken for non-domestic premises under their control. The definition of “non-domestic premises” includes the common parts of multi-unit residential buildings in England and Wales.

A fire risk assessor can be someone in-house or an external contractor, but whoever is appointed they must have the sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to do the job well. During the inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower, the management company was criticised for the way in which it chose its assessor. These experiences demonstrate how the competency of assessors is likely to be scrutinised after any fire tragedy and the importance of selecting them carefully.

Our Guide to Selecting a Fire Risk Assessor outlines the advice provided on the subject with links to relevant documents and registration schemes.



Guide to selecting a fire risk assessor

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