Introduction to this document

Fire quiz two

After fire awareness training you should test employees to check they’ve absorbed what you told them. Vary your tests by switching between our fire quiz and fire quiz two.

What’s the idea?

This Fire Quiz Two has been produced as an alternative to our original Fire Quiz, so that your staff don’t become bored and complacent about fire training. By switching between the quizzes you’ll keep them on their toes.

The first part includes general fire awareness questions which check that staff understand the way that fires may start or spread and covers fire procedures and fire extinguishers. These are mostly multiple-choice questions.

The second part is site specific. The idea is to check that staff know your building well including the location of exits, call points and the assembly point. It also asks the names of key people such as fire marshals.

If you have specific procedures for fire prevention or for evacuating the building, make sure you tailor the quiz to your needs.