Introduction to this document

Procurement - labour only

If you need to engage labour only contractors, use our document to ensure health and safety standards are agreed from the outset.


To make sure that the individual you’re looking to use has the required skills, knowledge, experience and training, use our Procurement - Labour Only document.

Important information

The document asks the individual to provide details of any qualifications or competencies they hold. The card types we have listed are primarily aimed at those being engaged to work in the construction sector. However, the list can be amended to suit your requirements. We suggest that in addition to asking for details of cards, you also take copies of any provided. When it comes to CSCS cards, check that they are valid. There is a link on the form to the CITB card check website.

On page two the form asks the individual to agree to some basic requirements. It then sets out some “Terms and conditions”. These clarify the basis on which the individual is being engaged.