Introduction to this document

Procurement - annual review

If you regularly use a contractor it’s worthwhile checking their insurance cover, accreditations, etc. Our document can be used to review their arrangements.

Formal checks

Although it’s usual to complete checks before a contractor is engaged, it’s less common to check that contractors are maintaining accreditations, such as Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) membership etc and insurance cover. We suggest you use our Procurement - Annual Review document to complete a simple but effective check on those who you continue to use.


The form asks the contractor to provide company details, such as banking information and to confirm who is the primary H&S contact. It then asks them to provide details of their insurance cover. The next section asks the contractor to identify whether they have maintained SSIP membership, have appropriate licences etc. Note. SSIP scheme memberships must be renewed annually. The final stage of the document asks the contractor to formally agree to adhere to your standards.