Introduction to this document

Document register

Keeping control of health and safety documents can be a challenge. Use our register to make it clear what you have and what you need.

Why you might need it?

It’s likely that you will have a number of risk assessments, policies, procedures, etc. However, do you know exactly how many documents you have and which are the most up to date versions? Our Document Register is designed to help you to keep control. Its simple layout asks you to identify every safety document and to provide selected details about each one. 

What’s covered?

There are seven columns in total. These provide space to give details about the document, when it was created, the latest revision number, etc. In the “Document location” column, point to where the document is stored on your IT systems. You could even create a hyperlink to the document. In the “Use of document” column, include brief details, e.g. to record details of an accident/incident. Finally, we have included a “Retention period” column. Here you should detail how long completed documents should be kept for.