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Health & safety action plan

If you are making improvements to reduce risks, use our action plan to record what’s been done and when.

Paper trail

Keeping track of what’s been done and when can be a challenge. However, when it comes to health and safety, it’s vital that you’re able to prove to interested parties, such as the HSE or an insurer, what steps you have taken to protect staff and others. This evidence could mean the difference between being prosecuted or not. Plus, it will definitely help you to defend personal injury claims

Simple sheet

Our Health & Safety Action Plan includes ten columns for you to populate. “Detail of improvement required” asks you to detail what action is required. Here you give a brief summary of what has been identified as lacking. You don’t need to be too wordy. However, you must be clear on what hazard or defect requires attention.

The next columns ask you to identify who is responsible for completing the action, when they must do it by and when it’s done.


UnderObservations” you should include any information that you feel may be relevant to the action completed. For example, details of any problems you had completing the work or how much you spent dealing with the issue.

You are then asked to identify whether any further corrective and preventative action is required. Here you can include any additional plans.


Health and safety action plan

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