Introduction to this document

Register of health and safety legislation - substances

For some businesses, it’s a necessity to have a formal record of legislation which applies to its activities, e.g. if you’re going for ISO 45001 certification. Our register will help.

Putting together your register

We’ve built our register up in sections. This one, the Register of Health and Safety Legislation - Substances, is Part 5.

Usually, producing this type of register is a major task. But in this case we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve pre-filled all the columns with suggested content including:

  • titles of commonly applicable legislation on the topic
  • a summary of the legal requirements for each Act or set of regulations listed
  • suggestions for the “regulator, i.e. the relevant authority responsible for enforcing the legislation; and
  • an example of text you might write showing how the legislation has been applied (this is in the final column headed “Aspects of activities affected”).

To use the document, delete the rows which don’t apply to you, tailor the content of the others and then put the completed version with others series, e.g. those on the topics of management, accidents and emergencies, workplace and work equipment.