Introduction to this document

No smoking policy

The smoking ban that applies to most enclosed or partially enclosed workplaces and public premises is now well established. Use our template to make sure that your policy complies across the UK.

What’s  covered?

Smoke-free legislation varies between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our No Smoking Policy enables you to draw up a policy which complies with the local legislation regardless of where your premises are located.

The document includes a general statement listing the key pieces of legislation which apply. This is followed by a statement of policy which covers smoking rules that cover everyone on your premises (including customers, visitors, etc.) and rules which apply to employees and sub-contractors when working away from your own premises but on company business. It also does not allow for cigarette breaks to be taken during the working day by employees, except in proper break periods.

The section on implementation includes signage details including a specification for vehicles which complies right across the UK. The document ends with sections on the use of designated smoking areas and the disciplinary process which will apply in the event of non-compliance.

Finally, note that our policy extends to the use of electronic or e-cigarettes. The UK smoking ban does not currently restrict the use of such cigarettes but you are free to apply your own more rigorous rules here if you want to ensure that individuals cannot smoke anything whilst on your premises.