Introduction to this document

Shared premises responsibilities policy

If you share premises responsibilities with other organisations, you must work with them to ensure no crucial tasks are missed. Use our policy template to get it right.

Why you need this template

There are many situations which give rise to a division of responsibilities for the maintenance and management of premises, for example:

  • you’re a tenant in a multi-occupancy building
  • your landlord carries out certain maintenance tasks
  • you sublet an area to a concession such as a caterer or retailer
  • you have a resident contractor.

Whatever the reason it’s essential that you fully understand the extent of your responsibilities and have arrangements in place to communicate with the other parties. Our new Shared Premises Responsibilities Policy will help you.

What’s included?

Our document begins with a “General statement” of policy which encourages you to give brief details of those who share responsibility for the premises. This is followed by “The legal position”, “Division of responsibilities” and “The management of works.” You can alter our policy template as necessary and we have provided suggested text to get you started.