Introduction to this document

Vehicle maintenance procedure

No matter how good your maintenance procedures are, one risk that can’t be eliminated is that of a vehicle breakdown. However, you can reduce the risks by issuing mobile workers with a basic procedure.

Vehicle maintenance procedure

No matter how good your planning and control measures are, you can never completely eliminate the risk of a vehicle breakdown. For this reason you should issue mobile staff with a Vehicle Maintenance Procedure. This is a basic half page procedure, which is designed to be kept in the vehicle and lists out the checks to be made before setting off on a long journey. These include tyres, lights and monitoring fluid levels.

Breakdown safety

The second half of the procedure covers breakdown safety and what an employee should do if they’re unfortunate enough to breakdown. It generally states the obvious, but is useful for any employee who may be likely to panic (plus, it covers your back as the employer). Ideally, this procedure should be laminated and kept in the glove box for ease of use.