Introduction to this document

Legionella checklist

If not well managed, legionella bacteria can build up in your water system and lead to Legionnaire’s disease. This can be avoided by using our checklist.

Managing legionella risks

The fact that you provide washrooms means that you have hot and cold water systems in your premises and these can be a breeding ground for the legionella bacteria. You may also have one or more showers and/or an air-conditioning system. If so, a Legionella Checklist will be useful. It will also help you ensure that you’ve designated an individual to assume day-to-day responsibility for managing your water system(s).

Legionella checklist

As many problems associated with the build-up of legionella bacteria arise from poorly designed systems, our first section looks at design. It asks a variety of questions on the materials used in your water system’s design, through to the adequacy of access allowed for cleaning. The second and third sections look at your cold and hot water systems respectively and in particular the water temperatures. Section four moves on to consider a variety of general issues, such as regular cleaning of any shower heads and your general standard of record keeping. The last section looks at management responsibilities, which is particularly important following the high-profile prosecution of Barrow Borough Council and one of its employees.