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Traffic management plan

Many workplace accidents involve vehicles. To ensure pedestrians are kept safe, identify your safe routes on our traffic management plan.

Behind the barriers

Allowing people and vehicles in the same area is dangerous as there is a significant risk of being struck by a moving vehicle. To comply with the law, pedestrians must be able to use a traffic route without causing danger to themselves or others. In most instances this will require you to provide separate roadways and paths.

Plan movements

An effective way of ticking the legal boxes and keeping everyone safe is to prepare and implement a Traffic Management Plan. In the first section of the form you are asked to provide details of your premises. How much to include will depend on the complexity of your premises, how many buildings you have etc.

In pictures

There is space to insert a site photo/plan that identifies the key traffic and pedestrian routes in and around your premises. This can be anything from a sketch to a detailed plan of your premises. It should identify all buildings and traffic and pedestrian routes.


The document identifies the key hazards associated with vehicle movements. We have also included sample control measures. You should use/amend this list accordingly so that you can identify that these risks have been assessed and managed.


Traffic management plan

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