Introduction to this document

Window and glazing safety checklist

It’s easy to overlook windows when making safety checks, but staff and window cleaners can still be at risk from poor design and condition. Our Window and Glazing Safety Checklist can help combat these concerns.

Using the form

As part of your legal duty, you need to check the safety of your windows and the way in which they are used, cleaned and maintained. This is to ensure that employees or window cleaners aren’t at risk of injury from their design and condition. In line with our other checklists, the Window and Glazing Safety Checklist can be used at a frequency which is convenient for you.

Design and construction

The first part of the checklist looks at the design and construction of windows and glazing in the workplace. For example, questions ask about the condition of all windows and sills and whether regular checks are made as part of your general maintenance regime. Other questions look at safety when opening them, protection against falling, safety materials and fire resistance.

Window cleaning

Part two looks at window cleaning safety. In particular, you’re encouraged to consider alternatives to the use of ladders, such as ladder-less techniques (equipment which utilises a long hose and brush) or cleaning from inside. We’ve prompted you to check that any equipment supplied is properly maintained. There are also questions to check that hazards have been identified and considered within risk assessments and safe systems of work.