Introduction to this document

Monthly fire door inspection record

Fire doors slow the spread of fire and smoke in a building, allowing occupants to escape. These need to be properly maintained and our monthly fire door inspection record will help you to achieve this.

Legal requirement

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that employers maintain fire precautions. Government guidance regarding fire doors advises a monthly inspection.

What’s involved?

Our form enables you to record the inspection of up to twelve fire doors on a single sheet. There are 14 separate checks to carry out which include examining the fit of the door in the frame, the condition of the door leaf and the various fittings. Also covered is the management of the fire door, such as if it’s kept shut (where appropriate) and whether tests are carried out on “hold open” devices. The form is supported by an action table, where defects and remedial work can be recorded, and a set of reference notes that provide clarification of which checks to carry out and the reasons for them. Use the form together with the Fire Door Register to simplify your record-keeping process.