Introduction to this document

ISO 14001 environmental policy statement

If you want to implement a new environmental policy, or freshen up what you have, use our master document.


It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to be asked to provide an environmental policy. In most instances it’s for potential clients who are looking for reassurance that a company is on board with green issues. However, there are circumstances which might prompt an inspector from the Environment Agency to ask for one.

Recognition of responsibilities

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy Statement is a master document that can be implemented as it is, or amended to reflect what you’re prepared to commit to. The content has been carefully drafted so that it meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

Good intentions

An environmental policy statement is a positive document that outlines how green you’re prepared to be. As such, it includes commitments to prevent pollution, reduce waste, promote environmental awareness, etc. However, it doesn’t go into details so you can identify how you will achieve these aims in other documents if you wish.

Don’t say too much

This policy doesn’t include definitive targets, e.g. cutting waste by 10%as there is no obligation to make such statements. If you do, you might find that they’re too difficult to achieve.