Introduction to this document

Fire policy and procedures - small hospitality business

If you operate a small hospitality business our brief policy document will help you to develop arrangements for managing fire safety.

Short and to the point

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO), and equivalent legislation covering Scotland and Northern Ireland, requires that employers have fire safety management procedures. If you employ five or more staff, or come within the licensing regime, these arrangements should be documented.

This requirement has the potential to generate reams of paperwork, but helpfully, the FSO states that the arrangements should be proportionate, taking into account the size of the undertaking and the nature of activities.

Our Fire Policy and Procedures - Small Hospitality Business is just three pages long and includes the key points to fit the majority of small businesses in this sector.

Note. Although we had pubs and restaurants in mind when we wrote it, our policy will suit many small businesses which have customers on their premises. Be careful though, as it won’t work for everyone. For example, if you have sleeping accommodation, you’ll definitely need to do more.

In writing these example emergency procedures we’ve assumed that you don’t have many staff on duty at one time and that the premises is very small. However, even if this seems to match your situation, before you adopt it, please consider very carefully whether our example is suitable for your business.