Introduction to this document

Fire risk assessment - scale drawing

Use our scale drawing document to create a plan of your building showing the location of fire hazards, fire fighting equipment, escape routes etc.

why you need one

Putting together a fire plan of your premises fulfils a number of purposes such as:

  • supporting your fire safety risk assessment (you should need to write less if the fire equipment and facilities are clearly set out on a diagram)
  • it will be clear to the Fire and Rescue Service where potential hazards and other key facilities are located
  • you can use the plans as part of your evacuation procedures, using arrows to show the way out of the building
  • copies of the plans can be given when conducting staff training, to inform staff where call points, fire safety equipment etc. are
  • and finally, when doing your weekly, monthly etc. maintenance checks, or when service engineers visit, the location of the equipment will be obvious without the need for individuals to be shown in detail.

what to include

Our document shows an example drawing for a simple premises, plus there are some guidance notes to assist. These notes set out the minimum content as well as suggesting a detailed list of items which you may choose to include.