Introduction to this document

Driver declaration

Whilst all drivers carry a great deal of personal responsibility, if they’re driving for work purposes you must also check that they’re fit and properly licensed. Our driver declaration form will help you to do this.

Why use it and when?

When there’s a serious accident the police establish whether the driver was working. If they were and there are concerns about aspects of the incident such as the employee’s entitlement to drive, they will investigate whether there was any wrongdoing by the employer.

We recommend that you ask all your staff who drive for business to complete a declaration when they start their job and at least once per year during employment. If driving is a significant part of the job, you might decide to undertake the checks more frequently. Use our Driver Declaration form to have evidence of your checks to hand.



If a driver does not have a clean bill of health, ensure that you treat them properly and fairly in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. Take advice from your HR advisor.