Introduction to this document

Machine maintenance record

Although there’s no legal requirement to keep a maintenance log for machinery, it’s regarded as good practice. You can use our record to create one.

Why you should use the document

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) do not require employers to keep a maintenance log for machinery, but if you do, then it must be kept up to date. Official guidance recommends that you should do so for high risk machinery as it helps with future planning of maintenance work and keeps personnel informed of what has been done.

Using the document

The idea is to keep one record sheet for each machine. There are three options for where it is kept:

  1. Holding the log right next to the machine can be a risk if it’s likely to become damaged or lost. But it does have the advantage that it’s quick and easy to complete any time minor work is carried out.
  2. If you want staff to record extra details beyond the PUWER guidance, such as blade changes and calibrations, a simple file with one divider per item works well, as you can slot in service paperwork etc. behind your record sheet. It means everything is held in one place and the file can be looked after by an administrator.
  3. If you decide that computerised records are the best way forward, you might find it easier to cut and paste the content of our form into a spreadsheet.