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Safety harness procedure

Harnesses are complex pieces of personal protective equipment, which need to be checked before use, used in the correct way, and cleaned and maintained afterwards.

Using our procedure

Our Safety Harness Procedure can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. For example, you may wish to include the name of the person that defects must be reported to, list particular types of equipment or record anticipated types of damage or contamination which occur in your type of work. Our procedure is a good starting point and is based on industry standards and HSE guidance. Once you’re happy that it fits your particular scenario, it should be issued to employees who are required to wear harnesses.

The content

The procedure is divided into three sections. The first provides an eight-point checklist for pre-use checks. This is supplemented by a list of the types of damage or defect which should be reported. The second section provides a simple list of instructions for safe use of the harness. The final section covers storage, cleaning and maintenance.


safety harness procedure

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