Introduction to this document

Compliance audit - site

If you’re managing construction works, you must ensure that the health and safety arrangements are up to scratch. You can check this using our form. 

In-depth check

As construction works have significant risks associated with them, it’s vital that staff and contractors follow your prescribed safe systems of work. To check this is happening and to record evidence of what you have found, use our new Compliance Audit - Site. This detailed document will help you to check all aspects of compliance.

Starting point

The first part provides space to record the “Project information”. This includes details of who has completed the audit, who’s in charge on site, what areas of the job are covered by the audit and more.

Any concerns?

The “Consultation” part of the document prompts you to speak to staff to find out what their thoughts are on site safety. There is space to record anything they raise and to identify the actions that will be taken.

All the gear

One of the biggest compliance issues on site is staff not wearing items of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our document asks you to identify what they should be wearing and the percentage of staff who are compliant.

Action shots

So that it’s simple for others to see what’s going on, the document asks you to insert some photos taken during the inspection. There’s space for four pictures and to add detail.

Tick sheet

The “Compliance checklist” includes 18 questions for you to answer. These ask you to check induction records, competency cards, etc. There’s space to provide further information and details of any improvements you may need to make to raise standards.