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Reimbursement of expenses policy

Use our reimbursement of expenses policy statement to set out your rules on expenses. Make sure you’re as unambiguous and comprehensive as possible to avoid abuse and prevent confusion by your staff on when they can incur expenses and how they go about claiming them back.

Expenses claims

Our Reimbursement of Expenses Policy covers travelling, subsistence and staff and client entertainment expenses, but you can expand it to cover other expenses that you may agree to pay. It’s entirely up to you whether you limit travel to, for example, second class rail fare, whether you allow employees to use their own private cars on company business, whether you agree to pay for taxi fares and whether you place limits on the price of hotels, so feel free to adapt the policy statement to suit your own particular business circumstances. It’s also up to you whether you want to set parameters on the level of staff that are entitled to claim, for example, by providing that only managers are entitled to incur entertainment expenses. It’s preferable for you to have reasonably tight financial controls on entertainment expenses because of the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010. Finally, your policy statement needs to set out the claims procedure, including whether valid receipts are required and whether prior approval is necessary.


reimbursement of expenses policy

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