Introduction to this document

Expenses claim form

To claim back expenses incurred whilst working on your lawful business, insist that employees provide full details of the expenditure on our expenses claim form, including the date that the expenditure was incurred, the amount and a description of it. You should also require them to provide original receipts to support their claim.

Expenses claim

You should reimburse employees for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses which they’ve wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the discharge of their duties under their employment contract and whilst working on your lawful business. Our Reimbursement of Expenses Policy sets out rules on what expenses you agree to pay and how to claim them back. The claims procedure provides that the employee needs to complete and sign a claim form, so this is what our Expenses Claim Form is for. On our form we’ve repeated the policy’s requirements on submission deadlines, and for claims to be supported by evidence in the form of original receipts. We’ve also provided for claims to be rejected or returned without payment if they’re either out of time or not submitted properly.

Claim form

The claim form table itself then has various columns for the employee to complete, and it allows for several lots of expenses to be submitted on one form. The first three columns relate to the date that the expenses were incurred, a full description of what they were and the total expense amounts. The remaining columns enable the employee to break down the expenses into various categories, such as mileage, other travel, hotels and meals, phone, stationery and postage and entertaining. There’s a “catch-all” column for any other expenses that don’t neatly fall into one of the categories. You can add additional columns if you want to expand your table to include other expense categories. There’s a final box for the employee to insert the overall total amount of their claim and then the form is to be signed and dated by them and counter-signed by their line manager or other appropriate authorising manager, before onward submission to, say, your accounts department.

Accept or reject?

Once you’ve received the employee’s completed claim form, normally you’ll agree to meet the expenses and then pay the employee by BACS transfer into their bank account, but if you don’t agree to the claim, use our Letter Rejecting Expenses Claim to refuse their claim on one or more of a number of grounds.