Introduction to this document

Environmental incident investigation report

In the event of an environmental incident, it’s wise to keep formal records of exactly what happened and what’s been done about it.

Investigation process

If there’s an environmental incident, all is not lost. If you can prove that you’ve identified, reported and acted on it, this will certainly help to mitigate potential enforcement action. To show to an inspector, or insurance assessor, and to help you keep a record of events, use our Environmental Incident Investigation Report. It’s a simple to use document that helps you record basic facts and prioritise your actions. Tip 1. Record as much information as you can - even things you don’t think are that important. Make notes of who was called, what response you received, if an inspector intends to visit the site and anything else that you feel may help your case. Tip 2. If you carry out any remedial works, or are given formal instructions from an enforcement officer, this information should definitely be recorded, again, in as much detail as possible. Tip 3. Take photographs and attach them to your report. This sort of evidence can help you prove your innocence - especially if you can see that the source of the pollution is not on your site.