Introduction to this document

Pollution incident response plan

If a pollution incident occurs, you need to have sufficient plans in place to deal with it. Use our document to ensure a prompt and effective response.

How does it work?

Our Pollution Incident Response Plan has been designed as a way of collating important information so that you are prepared and ready for action in the event of a spillage.

It begins with general information about your premises. This includes the exact location, employee details and a description of local landmarks. It is important to share this information with anyone who may be involved in preventing a pollution incident from escalating.

Next, our response plan asks you to record details of both internal and external contacts. Include as much detail as possible. You are then asked to identify and produce an inventory of all chemicals and waste present on your premises.

In order to help you maintain control during a spillage we have also produced a table so you can record the pollution prevention equipment you have available, both on and off site.

At the end of the document we have left a space for you to insert a plan of your premises. When completing the site plan include plenty of detail, e.g. the location of all chemical and waste stores, pollution prevention equipment, fire extinguishers, specific work areas and watercourses.

Note. Set frequent review dates to check the content remains valid.