Introduction to this document

Environmental policy audit

Use our document to complete an audit of your environmental policy. This will ensure that it conforms to ISO 14001:2015.

Stating your commitment

Although there is no legal requirement to have an environmental policy, nor any legally rooted guidance to state what should be included, it is increasingly important that businesses demonstrate their green credentials.

Our Environmental Policy Audit is designed to help you ensure your policy contains all the main ingredients. It’s based on the standard for environmental management systems, ISO 14001, so if you use our audit you can be confident that your policy is on the right lines.

Identify non-conformances

In order to comply with ISO 14001:2015 your policy must correspond with all our audit points. If you’re going for formal certification, it is advisable that our document is completed in advance of any external audit, so you will have sufficient time to address any non-conformances identified as a result.