Introduction to this document

Register of environmental legislation - air pollution

A register of legislation is a requirement if you’re seeking certification to ISO14001, but others will find it of value too. Use our document on air pollution as part of your set.


Our Register of Environmental Legislation - Air Pollution is designed to complement four similar environmental documents we’ve published on the subjects of: (1) water; (2) noise and nuisance; (3) waste and (4) energy. It covers the key legal requirements in the UK on the topic of air emissions.

Using the document

The legislation is set out in a table with four columns showing: (1) the legislation title; (2) a summary of the law; (3) the regulator’s name; and (4) details of how you are impacted.

Note. We have completed as much information as we can so that columns one to three won’t require much amendment. In the final column, “Aspects of activities affected”, you’ll need to enter what you are doing to comply with the law. We’ve included suggested phrases to give you some ideas and to show the level of detail needed. When a row does not currently apply to your business, you can either delete it or explain in the last column that the legislation does not presently apply.


Register of environmental legislation - air pollution

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